Pink Flower Checkers, 2021 
Acrylic, paper on canvas
60 x 48” inches (152.4 x 121.92 cm)


About the series

As a design constructed through the repetition of the square in alternating colors, the "check" pattern, has been present within human civilization for longer than we can ever know. However, we do know that geometry has played an extremely important role throughout art history, dating as far back to the Greek Geometric period beginning in 900 B.C. Geometry has been utilized by various cultures as a way to mimic natural symmetries and proportions found in nature. Art history has taught us how the Islamic culture refrained from idolatry and believed that the constant repetition of simple geometric shapes to create complex patterns was the only way to express the essence of god; as they believe the infinite geometry found in nature is evidence of god’s unity and laws. The checkered design is initially, the recurrence of the geometric quadrilateral shape composed of four equal sides and four equal angles (90º). Throughout the years, many brands and man-made objects have adopted and utilized this pattern in different ways.Therefore, it is no wonder that this pattern has a strong presence within contemporary pop culture. In the Socratic dialogue, Republic, Plato philosophizes on the concept of “mimesis” or imitation and establishes that all artistic creation is a form of imitation. This theory has been proven throughout art history and continues to be true within the current world of contemporary art. Taking these facts and theories into consideration, and considering Ramirez’s life, it is no wonder that the checkered board pattern has spilled onto his canvases dating back to his earliest works and spanning his various series. Over time, this pattern has been appearing more and more within the artist’s work. What was once an image in the subconscious embodied through material onto a surface has now evolved into a symbolic and somewhat spiritual representation of nature and universal connection.

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