Totchi (Pink), 2018
Acrylic, ink, paper on canvas
30 x 24” inches (76.2 x 60.96 cm)


About the series

Short for “totally chilling”, Totchi represents a state of mind: a reminder to stay peaceful and optimistic no matter the circumstances. This character was created as an interpretation of Charlie Ramirez himself, but his meaning is what makes him so popular, and since his creation, he has turned into an international peace icon. Totchi began to spread his message to the public in 2008; Ramirez would draw Totchis on his surfboards and graffiti urban spaces with Totchi paste-ups and Totchi tags.A unique element about these works is that the artist continues to implement the paste-up methods on many Totchi canvases and paints over them, creating a fusion which alludes to Totchi’s beginnings. Although this character’s art-historical origins lead back to urban-art and graffiti, Totchi canvases and sculptures have been exhibited in both national and international spaces.

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