These TOTCHI sculptures were executed by CR between 2018-2019 for his 9th solo exhibit held at Reinhold Jewelers, San Juan PR (2019). As a self-taught artist, Ramirez collaborated with fellow Puerto Rican contemporary artist, Jaime Rodriguez Crespo, who consulted with him on how to work with sculptural materials such as resin, concrete and Bondo, to depict the essence of TOTCHI through a different medium. This experience enabled CR to expand his artistic knowledge base and repertoire, as he was able to diversify his art from 2D mediums to sculptural and 3D works, adding to his creative versatility.
Aside from transmitting the TOTCHI concept, these works of art mirror CR’s individuality and strongest attributes as an artist: curiosity and intrepidity when it comes to working with unfamiliar mediums. This series of sculptural works blend Ramirez’s signature painting style and utilization of color with his new-found ability to mold and sculpt, endowing the subject matter of TOTCHI with a unique presence of texture and tactility. 
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